About Krystal

The first time Krystal played the piano, she was was 1 yr old. She started taking piano lessons at age 6 and began teaching students at age 12.
When Krystal was 15, she went to a piano summer camp at BYU. One of the teachers told her that piano was a hobby, and she was offended. Piano was a way of life for her. It was never a burden for her to practice, even when she practiced 3-5 hours per day while at Utah State University.

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Since then, Krystal has put in over thousands of hours in practicing through which she received her undergraduate and masters degree in Piano Performance at Utah State University. Her training from some of the country’s most distinguished professors, including Professor Gary Amano, Dennis Hirst, and Kevin Olson, has prepared her to train the future of professional performers. Krystal’s goal is to train top level pianists that will succeed at music and enjoy it while they’re at it!