Welcome to the Studio!

Please take time to read our studio policy

What you Get

Tuition Includes
*Reserved weekly time slot

*Lessons at your home
*Studio Recitals
*Student Development research outside of lesson time


Book prices will be determined as needed during the semester. I pick up the books and bring them to your house. I charge the same cost to you as the music store charges.

Lesson Discontinuation

Thirty days written notice is required if student decides to discontinue lessons in order to receive refund for the remaining semester.

Missed and Cancelled Lessons

Each semester includes 2 cancellations that aren't included in the tuition rate. For example, if there are 21 weeks in the semester, you'll pay for 19 lessons. This enables us to have 2 missed lessons from either party without needing to arrange a makeup lesson. If no cancellations are used, the semester ends 2 weeks early. You then have the option of paying for 1 or 2 more lessons or simply ending the semester early for a break. If more than 2 cancellations are used, the cancelling party pays for the missed lesson. For example, if I miss/cancel the 3rd lesson, you will receive a refund for the lesson. If you miss/cancel the lesson, no tuition refund will be made.


The fall semester ends mid-December, which means that the students will have 2-3 weeks off between the Fall and Spring semesters for a Christmas break. Any other breaks are created by using the cancellation lessons that are built into the semester.

Billing Cycle

There are 3 semesters each year:
     Fall: late August - mid December
     Spring: early January - early June
     Summer: early June - mid August

Payment Plans

Option #1 - Pay for the entire semester on first lesson
Option #2 - Pay for half the semester on first lesson and the second half of the semester half way through the semester.

Krystal Keys Studio will accept cash, personal checks or online payment (via PayPal or Venmo username @Krystal-Cardon). Click here to pay for lessons via PayPal.

2019 Tuition Rates

Single Family Tutition Chart
Neighborhood Tuition Chart